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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [How do I sponsor a child at Integrity Primary School?]
A: [We partner with International Children's Network. To sponsor one of our kids, contact Jennie at] Tell her you are interested in sponsoring a child from Integrity Primary School in Uganda.]

Q: [Does anyone receive salary income from my donation?]
A: [No one in the United States receives any salary from ITFM, we are 100% volunteer.]

Q: [Do you still have the Hydraulic Ram manual for free?]
A: [Yes;  Click Here to download it.  Warning ~16MB.]

Q: [Can I go on a trip and what does it cost?]
A: [Yes, pricing dependent on time of year, number of people traveling and length of stay etc. Contact us for more information]

Q: [Do you only work in Uganda?]
A: [Yes, Currently our focus is on Nabisoto, Uganda.]

Q: [Are internships available with ITFM in Uganda?]
A: [Yes, on a case by case basis. Contact us for more information]

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