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ITFM was formed in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) Tax Deductible Charitable Organization #20-0505188.  Since then ITFM has drilled deep wells for 3 villages, built a large school in a remote mountain village, built housing for teachers and provided school supplies for seven schools. Since 2011 In The Field has been busy putting down a "Heavy Footprint" in the village of Nabisoto, Uganda by building a Clinic and Primary School.  ITFM purchased 26 acres in Nabisoto. The plan is to develop it strategically to help the community with basic services. As we are able to increase our reach, we have a strong desire to establish technical school facilities and be able to house at risk children.  All of this will impact villages and improve their lives through hands on education.

ITFM is operated out of Cle Elum in Washington State. We are governed by a (currently) 9 member board of directors bringing a broad range of talent from the home & business world, to higher education.

For volunteer opportunities in Nabisoto contact John or Kimberly for more information via the Contact page. 

An Example of Hydraulic Ram Pump technology: These pumps use only the power in flowing water to push a portion of that water to your destination. (holding tank, slow sand filter, garden soaker) There are only two moving parts (one way valves), they are easily maintained and will last for years. Since they run constantly, the small flow of water really adds up. A very small system with 50 feet of lift would typically pump 800 to 1000 gallons per day, larger systems 3500 to 4000 gallons or more. Enough water can enable a family homestead or small community to double or even quadruple what they are able to grow, share & sell.

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